A Lot of Updates!

Please Note: If you download a new version of the game, it should still have your progress from a pervious version!

The latest version has a lot of changes that should make the game much easier for players.

1. Many subtle changes were replaced with more obvious ones. This included things like certain wall textures

2. The threshold for losing has been increased and the rate of change has been decreased across the board. This means that things will change more slowly and more things can be changed before you lose.

3. There is now a "grace period" during and after the glitch effects that stop you from losing during that time period

I do plan to continue making changes to make the game easier! I think that there are still some objects that are too subtle.


Please_Wake_Up_Windows_Full_Game.zip 833 MB
Version 2 Oct 25, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Mac_Full_Game.zip 836 MB
Version 2 Oct 25, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Linux_Full_Game.zip 842 MB
Version 2 Oct 25, 2020

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