Minor Update!

Minor update! 

The game seems to be too difficult right now, and I got some feedback about the initial text being too slow. 

The game should be slightly easier now and the text should be reading across faster! I do hope to make the game even easier, but that would require more structural changes that will take a little longer.


Please_Wake_Up_Windows_Full_Game.zip 820 MB
Oct 24, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Demo_v2_Windows.zip 278 MB
Oct 11, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Mac_Full_Game.zip 823 MB
Oct 24, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Demo_v2_Mac.app.zip 279 MB
Oct 11, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Linux_Full_Game.zip 829 MB
Oct 24, 2020
Please_Wake_Up_Demo_v2_Linux.zip 281 MB
Oct 11, 2020

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