Beta Testing the Full Game on Itch!

I've changed my mind and have instead decided to run Open Beta Testing through Itch! Expect the full game to be free for AT LEAST a few days on this site while I gather feedback to improve the game. I absolutely love Itch as a platform -- it makes it really easy and convenient for indie developers to share games and reach out to an amazing audience. 

I know a lot of people were looking for updates beyond just a demo level, and this is it! Instead of just one short out-of-context demo level, this is the complete game with all five levels. It now contains a full story, a curriculum of difficulty, and a variety of mind-boggling levels!

Again, please wishlist the game on Steam! It would really help out the game!

Files 820 MB
Oct 21, 2020 823 MB
Oct 21, 2020 829 MB
Oct 21, 2020

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