A space shooter with a twist! Swap bodies with your enemies in order to gain a strategic advantage and survive for as long as possible. Take over a small ship in order to expertly weave through enemy fire and snipe key targets. Switch to a large capital ship in order to become a high-health and fast-firing juggernaut. Use a ship with a green weapon to pierce the armor of large capital ships, or switch to a ship with explosive bullets to destroy clumps of smaller enemies. As your skills improve, look into collecting bonus points. Extra points are dynamically awarded for particularly dangerous switches, extra long shots with the armor-piercing green bullets, or particularly impactful hits with the explosive bullets. See how long of a shot you can get or how many enemies you can hit.


W,A,S,D to move.

Left click to fire your weapon.

Right click to switch bodies.

Completed for the Game Design and Development Decal game jam at UC Berkeley by Chris Lu , Evan Hightower, and Anh Le. 

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